The Ultimate Footrobe Guide

How to get the perfect ankle deep makeover!


I’m a fundamental kinda guy. While I’m fascinated by the sheer idea of a room full of shoes for myself, it just doesn’t add up, but too few is also not the way to go.Lets break this down then. Typically our footwear needs to revolve around where we’re at in our careers or age group and how instep everyone around is in keeping fashion tabs.

Lets assume the worst then, just to make sense of the need for more shoes :).

I divide and conquer my ‘foot robe’. Remember... you heard it here first. I think I should trademark this! .So the below will have covered all kinds of footwear needs.


I am strictly a suits kinda guy through the week and make an exception on a Saturday perhaps, while I sport denims or khakis with a pair of drivers.Therefore, its Black, Blue, Brown and Grey in lace ups and or penny loafers. 

The need : 4 pairs

The want : 8 pairs

 You can choose to have both lace ups and slip ons or either type , it really boils down to what your frequency of rotation is and your circle of influence.  


I love making a statement. Especially ones that don’t simply say ‘hey I got a nugget sized brand logo on my foot and it cost me a fifth of payday’ but more like fellas I’m a cross between Idris Elba and Gabriel Macht, at least when you’re looking at me feet up. 

The need : 4 pairs

The want : 8 pairs 

 Go loud with colors with no more than two brighter than the sun types and two on the clean, stated and dark types. In this case you want about 4-6 pairs simply because of the dates, weddings, operas, unforeseen funerals and galas you may find yourself invited to and or decide to gate crash.


Don’t you dare wear those good ones out to the beach or to chase your kids around the garden. if you do, stop reading and go to a dollar store where you’ll find a steal at the ‘do it all’ shoes section.

Sneakers- to audition your moves on America’s Got Talent, graze the malls, road trips, sidewalks and go to a baseball game. 

No, not to the club, Jay Z and Drake are exceptions!.But feel free to ‘colour pick’ silly with this one. 

All weathers

Get a croc or try our all weather Baxa loafers for the yacht, beach and the streets. Toss them in the washer, rinse under a tap or simply hose & Dry em’ and they’re as good as new.

The need : 2 pairs

The want : 4 pairs


What goes to the gym stay in the Gym. Have some manners and keep your sweaty self away from the lot. This lot needs extra care to last and keep your tummy tucked. 

You really don’t need torn or stained trainers for reasons to why you didn’t workout today.

Trainers - Get three if you’re working out with a pop star or two that’ll last you 12-36 months at the least. They don’t need to be space shoes, just comfortable and bright so folks see you coming.

The need: 2

The Want: 3


I wouldn’t travel, go to the movies or a brunch without my drivers or one of my other suede loafers. Im a bit biased on this, so go nuts. 

The need : 3

The want: keep em coming. But thats just me.

 Thats it. If you’re about to shift careers or get a drastic makeover, consider the above and you’ll be in the limelight. Forever!


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